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fuji rock

greets all

as both first post and gift to all interested, here's something that may be nostalgic for you

as you may remember/already have, you can download the concert that underworld did in japan for the fuji rock festival at underworldlive
and as you may have noticed, on the everything everything DVD there is footage from that concert

so, as a personal project about 3 years ago, i made a "trailer" for the (pretend) live album of the fuji rock concert using audio of the show from underworldlive and video from the DVD
(this is right after darren left the band, therefore he's in the promo piece)

took in the footage into my computer, sliced, diced, julienned, overlayed, texted, filtered and did all sorts of other things and the endproduct emerged
i still enjoy it and hopefully you will too

anyways, cheers

always loved a film

Download Fuji Rock Festival Live 1999

NB. supposedly (according to the rules at YouSendIt) this file will be stored for 7 days, so this is a limited time offer
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