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Mix 12 – Gaussian Story Arcs Divided In Drift

Number 12 has a bit of a twist.
This time around it’s comprised of tracks from one artist - I wouldn’t exactly mind if you called it a sampler.
And this time through I offer up a two part sampling of tracks from one of my personal favourite bands: Underworld.
I hope you may enjoy the latest mix entitled Gaussian Story Arcs Divided In Drift

"I’ve been a fan of Underworld for many years and have enjoyed their various incarnations – from art rock to rock band to dance music gods to electronic mainstays with just a hint of jazz and blues. But I must admit that my favourite style/period of theirs was/is when they allow themselves to be more freeform and stream of consciousness and allow their songs plenty of breathing room. This is the style and period I focus on in my first (online) one-artist mix."


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Gaussian Story Arcs Divided In Drift Phase One

To Heal
Please Help Me
Most ‘ospitable
Ballet Lane
Push Downstairs

Gaussian Story Arcs Divided In Drift Phase Two

Dobropet (intro)
Like A Swimmer
Glam Bucket
215 Miles
Jumbo (Jedi’s Sugar Hit Mix)

cwm 30 november 07
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