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last mixes of 2005

What was going to be my last mix for 2005 suddenly became two.

Let me explain…

I intended to end 2005 on a quiet note, and recorded a mix with that intention in mind. But the day after Thanksgiving, the muse tapped me on my head and said “I’ve got one more for you”. And in about 4 hours I had another mix planned, executed and recorded.

The first mix is entitled Loosely Based On… and it’s a more freeform, less beat oriented mix. For those that may have downloaded one of my previous mixes entitled obscura you may notice a parallel of sorts. While obscura was loosely structured and quite darker in tone, Loosely Based On… keeps the loosely structured execution but has a more majestic and introspective tone. And I got to end a mix with a song that I’d always thought would be a perfect last song.

But then the muse informed me that I wouldn’t go out quite like that, and another mix demanded to be heard. That mix is entitled Short Burst and as the title suggests, it’s a short burst of slammin’ hard house music. Get ready to move with this one, and I won’t fault ya if ya fling a little attitude like the supermodels fling their hair!


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Loosely Based On…

will you follow me?
rob dougan

depeche mode

the portrait
the damned

to the lighthouse
michael aston

eyes pop skin explode everybody dead
the future sound of london

sea of light
siouxsie and the banshees

the dragonfly who thought he was a mockingbird

circles in the sand
the tear garden

games without frontiers (david botrill/massive attack mix)
peter gabriel

born slippy.nuxx 2003 (down version)

leon takes us outside
david bowie

p.s. goodbye
the chameleons

Short Burst

Richard X

Underground (Massive Mix)
Rhythm Masters

Container No 2 (Ian Wilkie’s Virtual Dog Dub)

Spice (Morbid Vs The Baron Mix)

Basement Jaxx

Catch Up To My Step (Boss@nova Mix)
Junkie XL Featuring Solomon Burke

Music (Deep Dish Dot Com Remix)

Class Action
Luke Slater

Urban Futuristic
Pop Will Eat Itself

Trigger 1
Front 242

cwm 02 december 05
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