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Friday Music - Special Edition

It's time for Friday Music

And today it’s something really special to me. The release of back2mine.
back2mine is my latest mix and is my take on the DMC label compilation series “Back To Mine”

Picture this... The club has ended, you and your mates are still buzzing and the last place you want to go is home to bed. So with a wave of inspiration you declare 'Back to mine!'... On arrival, carry outs in hand, there's a mass scramble for the turntables. You employ a little diplomacy and inform the rabble that it's one on, one off, as you lay down the first platter! Where will it take you next?

In keeping with the same spirit of the series, this 2-part mix is representative of the type of things that I would play after a late night or early morning to friends if we all went “back to mine”
Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it

(Click the promo image to go to the download site)
(and remember to click on the MUSIC tab)
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Act One

Intro (tuning up)
Les Nuits – Nightmares On Wax
Lazarus (St. Etienne remix) – The Boo Radleys
Nothing At All (instrumental) – Rob Dougan
Carly’s Song (original version) – Enigma
Mutual Slump – DJ Shadow
Letting The Cables Sleep (Nightmares On Wax mix) – Bush
Missing Note (long edit) – Boom Boom Satellites
Welcome To The Freq Show – Control Freq
The Body Wah – Tears For Fears
Butterfly Caught – Massive Attack

Act Two

Reload (7am mix) - Junkie XL feat. Dave Gahan
Future Proof - Massive Attack
Cylons In Love - Bent
Overcome (extended) - Tricky
(Man) Tha Journey - Nightmares On Wax
Just A Fuckin Idiot - The Future Sound Of London
Reflection - Massive Attack
One Day - Skinny Puppy
Long Stem - DJ Shadow
Cherry - Curve
Takin’ In (concerto) - A Split Second

a small number of unmixed versions will be made upon request

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