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...dreaming (of a life)

Mix 13
…dreaming (of a life)

"Inspired" (not really the best word but it’s the closest one) by being in what I used to call a deep blue funk for quite a stretch of time — which wasn’t being helped by the fact that I felt creatively tapped dry and every mix I attempted ended up aborted. I guess the muse had enough of that thankfully and within the span of about 5 hours this mix was planned and ready for a practice run. With the practice run done and any tweaks noted, another run and it was recorded. From that point, whenever I would feel myself getting a little down, I’d pop this one on.

A couple of old favourites, a couple of rarities and, in my humble opinion, another perfect ending track all wrapped up in a 45 minute duration. …dreaming (of a life) is my new soundtrack for looking forward. May you enjoy it as much as I do.

"Forget Zoloft!
Forget Prozac!
This one will lift you right up without any of those nasty side effects!"


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…dreaming (of a life)

Dreaming In Colour
Art Of Noise

Your Dream Or Mine?
Art Of Noise

Speed Bubble Bobble
Bulletproof Sounds

My Head Is Spinning
Pet Shop Boys

(The Europicola Mix)

God Is A DJ
(Serious Danger Remix)

(Way Out West Mix)
Ultra Violet

Always Loved A Film

cwm 25 July 08
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