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Monday Music

It's time for Monday Music

And today it’s the debut of my latest mix entitled Exterminating Angels

DJ Shadow once asked the musical question “What does your soul look like?”

If you pay attention to the different levels (song titles, sample sources, song lyrics, etc.) and peel things back like the proverbial onion skin, you’ll soon find out what MY soul SOUNDS like.

(Click the promo image to go to the download site)
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00.00 (doll’s excerpt)
00.12 Torrential Pain – Klute
06.22 Everything Is True – Cabaret Voltaire
12.53 On (µ-Ziq mix) – Aphex Twin
21.06 Octarine – Deadstock
24.33 I Feel You (Helmet At The Helm Mix) – Depeche Mode
28.04 Asylum – Messiah
32.18 Dirty Epic (Dirty Mix) – Underworld
35.35 Doll’s Polyphony – Geinoh Yamashirogumi
38.16 First Death In The Family – The Future Sound Of London
40.44 (dead cities reprise)

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